Efficient surveillance is at the heart of Cyber-Security

The best sailors in the world cannot navigate without appropriately mapping their route. The same is valid for any digital protection ambitions. Online Reputation Management and Cyber-Security must rely on effective and timely digital intelligence. In today’s hyperconnected world, information is power, and KBSD is committed to translating Terabytes of information daily to help its clients secure their online environment through detection, assessment and analysis. IT Security is coupled with market-leading expertise from a team of dedicated analysts. KBSD understands the intricacies of e-reputation in high-level contexts such as the difficult decisions a board of Directors occasionally has to make, or an upcoming presidential election and its geo-political impact on foreign investment.

This deep understanding of international affairs and multinational business has allowed KBSD to develop a unique surveillance tool capable of meeting the many needs of public figures and institutions, C-suites, multinational corporations and their service providers.

Feeling safe online can only happen with the knowledge that threats will be detected, search engine results are in line with one’s interests, and that we know what happens, where it happens, as it happens.

Digital Bodyguarding™

KBSD’s technological answer to the immensely complex digital landscape and its impact on reputation is Digital Bodyguarding™. This proprietary cyber-surveillance solution encompasses all strategically relevant aspects of intelligence gathering and day-to-day monitoring. An intuitive dashboard hosts multiple modules which crawl the web, keep a historical track record, measure sentiment and alert in case of a reputational threat or a cyber-attack.

Search Engine Protection

Keep a close eye on search engine results anywhere in the world, in any language. Track the evolution of your Reputation Index and measure your control rate.

Deep Web Alerts

Listen to the Internet in real time. Follow discussions and measure sentiment. Identify problematic languages, territories, platforms or subjects. Know how the Web feels about you.

Professional Solutions

Bespoke packages for Compliance and Due Diligence professionals. The Agency Solution is also available and allows the management of client profiles from a single dashboard.

Google Image Protection

Monitor your visual ecosystem and ensure it serves your interests. Identify unwanted content and track its evolution in the results. Determine the related source and content.

Wikipedia Tracker

Get immediate alerts in case of edits on the pages you track. No need to have a Wiki profile, no need to log into Wikipedia to get new notifications. Track your assets and those of your competitors.

White Papers

Learn about how CEOs, Ambassadors, Agencies or Private Banks use Digital Bodyguarding™.

Discover our Dashboard

Discover the intuitive dashboard that serves as a unique window to the Internet. Cyber-surveillance made easy. In a couple of clicks, risk assessment becomes rich with unparalleled Digital Intelligence.

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