Influence Public Opinion and Lobby Online Communities

The best defense is offense. Surveillance and protection are core elements of Reputation Management, but taking ownership of public conversations, leading the opinion on key issues and controlling the dissemination of strategic information are the ultimate communication weapons. Yielding them will allow the client to promote his values and goals, counter competitive attacks and reach out to the public to restore trust and integrity. KBSD has led worldwide influence campaigns covering complex issues that require solid understanding of the stakes involved.

We have developed an Intelligence-based methodology powered by the Digital Bodyguarding™ technology. This unique approach allows unprecedented precision in the targeted responses developed by the team. Through trusted media relationships and an adapted content strategy, issues are dealt with pragmatically and efficiently.

Political campaigns and public affairs are increasingly being thought of with on-line influence at their core. Our network and SEO expertise are decisive tools allowing clients to reach an opinion leader status and take part in impactful digital diplomacy.

Positive Influence

Closely connected to conventional marketing and communications, positive influence is about understanding the personal, business or political agenda and deploying the relevant assets through innovative channels. The client’s secured ecosystem is put to use as a catalyst for the stated mission. KBSD’s technical expertise helps the organic growth of the client’s visibility and authority.

Anti-negative Influence

Opposing political and economic interests often collides and spills over to the public scene. Unscrupulous competition gives way to the elaboration of unethical smear campaigns and the promotion of negative information. By leveraging its cyber-surveillance technology and strategic communication expertise, KBSD offers its clients a strong playing hand. Restore the truth, clear your name and take the upper hand in the court of public opinion, by developing a narrative that resonates with all targeted audiences.

Competitive Influence

The generally accepted worldview is one of growth, efficiency and competitiveness. Our clients are not content with the status quo and demand that their strategic communication be informed by a comprehensive mapping of the key players, the king makers and the target audiences. Taking SWOT to a whole new level, our analysts will use the data gathered to leverage the competitive advantages of the client and know the weaknesses of the competition.

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