Online bodyguard for brands & individuals


E-reputation is the reputation of an entity, a person or an organization online .

It is built upon its global presence on Internet and includes all aspects of its digital ecosystem: articles, PR, reviews, feedbacks, websites, blog posts, forum posts & social networks’ activities, mentions, accounts, tagging, photos, domain names & contacts... and of course the way it is all featured in search engine results.

KBSD can analyse your security level and upgrade your presence. Do not give others the possibility to hijack your identity, discredit your image, or misinform the public, with obvious negative consequences, be they moral, social or financial.

Build & control a strong, coherent & positive online influence, on a local or global scale.

Brands: control & defend your

KBSD is your digital bodyguard, acting as a powerful instrument to build, protect & influence your online image. Online reputation damages have an impact in real life too. Consider us as the guardians of your identity.

We create and re-structure websites, engineer & broadcast tactical content and take in charge your social networks and communities.

Our clients are public & private institutions, financial institutions and family offices, watchmakers, retail brands, global or local firms.

Individuals: brand yourselves and build authority & trust

We act daily on the Internet to ensure that individuals and families are protected. We act as your personal e-reputation agency.

Our resonsibility is to ensure that your e-reputation remains untarnished, aligned with your identity and actively contributes to accomplishing your personal goals.

KBSD provides you with the powerful tools & expertise to engineer or restructure your online identity and deal with unwanted or false information. We create tailored content in line with your personal values and end goals.