KBSD SA is a leading European Swiss-based Digital intelligence & E-Reputation consultancy firm dedicated to your positive presence and your protection throughout the Internet.

We structure & manage digital ecosystems on local and international scales targeting higher return on investment, brand efficiency and online protection, both for organizations and individuals. We provide our client with the right expertise to engineer efficient, positive and controlled online Brands & Identities.

KBSD is a team of experts of the digital continent in all angles.
We are dedicated to the digital intelligence & e-reputation of our clients: companies, institutions and individuals.

Our skills are brought together in the team to help our clients define, implement and manage an effective strategy on Internet including protection and management of digital ecosystems, online identities and brands.

In any industry the people behind a company are as important as the company itself. KBSD SA takes great pride in the most valued asset we have got, us.

We are certainly an impressive blend of passionate entrepreneurs, strategists, designers, developers, researchers and other massively specialized experts & geeks.

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