Protect your digital assets & control your ecosystem

The process of Cyber-Protection invariably involves making an inventory of available digital assets. The first step towards a secured online presence is to audit the brand or individual’s ecosystem, to identify potential risks, list all controlled assets and establish a roadmap to a satisfactory digital existence. Technology has a way of outpacing the real world, leaving policy makers and users one step behind, therefore creating a critical gap; a technological dissonance that becomes a breeding ground for cyber-attacks, identity theft, smear campaigns and other illegal or unethical behavior devised to undermine brands and individuals or advance personal interests.

Our team of experienced professionals works to find the most fitting solutions for its diverse and international client base. Social networks, personal websites, corporate online communication and participatory communities all constitute pieces of a complex puzzle that needs to be put together in order to tightly shield an individual or company from cyber-threats and reputational damage.


Foresight and preemption are the preferred stance when it comes to digital protection and reputation management. Acquiring all strategic assets, whether conventional or alternative, and defining clear strategies for positioning content and crisis response, considerably reduces exposure to risk and establishes a wealth of exploitable assets in difficult times. Both potential damage and expenditure are minimized through a proactive protection plan.

Quiet times are the best moment to establish strong bonds with online communities, and the press to communicate in-depth on issues of interest. Promoting a transparent, ethical and relatable image will go a long way in case of an emerging reputational threat. Take ownership of topics and discussions, develop a strong and authoritative narrative.


Code Red, all hands on deck. Our analysts switch to Digital Bodyguard mode and deploy every possible trick, tool, instrument and network with the sole purpose of mitigating the emergence of negative information. Cyber-threats can spiral into full-fledged catastrophes. Both form and substance are minutely analyzed and developed to fit the issue, the audience, and the DNA of the brand or individual to protect.

Whether in case of a self-generated blunder or in response to a negative campaign from a competitor, a concise and trustworthy argumentation will be developed and mediated by KBSD, and its repercussions closely monitored. Crisis communication can necessitate upstream forensic investigations, information sourcing, high-level negotiation and media management. KBSD’s team was handpicked to cover all such circumstances.

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